T1DR Humanized Strain Production Proposal

If you have a proposal for a new or improved human T1D-related mouse model, please describe it for us using the form below. Please provide as much detail as possible, including genetic background, engineered alleles (if relevant), and any pertinent publications.

An NIDDK-appointed external review committee will meet to review and prioritize requests. You may be contacted for additional details in anticipation of this review meeting. The outcome of the review, and any subsequent actions to be taken by the T1DR regarding your request, will be provided to you within 4 weeks of the review meeting.

If you have question, please email: t1dr-info@jax.org

Items marked with a red asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

As the Requesting Investigator, you are asked to agree to and meet the following terms and conditions for any strain produced on your behalf by the T1DR:
1.  I confirm that any mouse strain created and provided by the T1DR, once received by my institution, will be maintained and used under an approved Institutional Animal Care and Utilization Committee (IACUC) protocol.

2.  If this strain is accepted for production by T1DR, I agree, in a timely fashion, to:

  1. work with T1DR staff to develop appropriate timelines and milestones for project completion;
  2. provide any available reagents/resources as requested by the production facility (including but not limited to data, constructs, cell lines, and genotyping protocols);
  3. complete and submit any MTAs as required to ensure timely transfer of reagents to the T1DR;
  4. allow for public sharing and distribution of the strain to the research community 9-12 months post-delivery of the strain to the requestor institution;
  5. take responsibility for the cost of expansion and shipment of the new strain to my institution following genetic validation of project completion by the T1DR.

3.  I affirm that the T1DR, as an NIH-supported program, is required to conform with NIH sharing rules and will be required to make the strain, as well as any related T1DR-generated reagents and resources publically available within a reasonable time frame following project completion (usually 9-12 months post-delivery of the strain to the requesting investigator).  

4.  I agree to cite the T1DR in any publications resulting from use of T1DR generated strains or resources.

We in the T1DR are committed to working with you to ensure successful completion of your project. If accepted for entry into the program, a T1DR representative will work closely with you throughout this process.

The T1DR is a collaborative effort, funded by a grant from the NIH, grant numberĀ UC4DK097610.

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