Genetic Quality Control Data

The genetic quality control data listed below is available in either Adobe pdf or Excel spreadsheet format. Each file is organized sequentially by chromosome and lists the microsatelite markers, their cM position, and allele sizes for NOD, 129, and B6 controls, as well as for the particular stock. In the comment field, the microsatelite markers used to discern each diabetes susceptibility/ resistance marker (Idd) have been noted. Additionally, the location of the gene or genes of interest has been defined by a red background.

The following six stocks have complete Genome Scan, including Idd markers, as well as complete Chromosome of Interest Analyses.

Genome Scans (MIt markers or SNP's)

Common Name


Excel File

Stock No.

pdf File

NOD.Ifng knockout



NOD.Pfp knockout   3505.xls  3505.pdf
NOD.Il4 knockout   4222.xls  4222.pdf
NOD.Il10 knockout   4266.xls  4266.pdf
NOD.Il4/Il10 dbl knockout   4291.xls  4291.pdf
NOD.Ifngrb knockout   4352.xls  4352.pdf
NOD.B2m Knockout 2309.xls 2309.pdf
NOD.Cd38 knockout 004311.xls 004311.pdf
NOD.Stat4 knockout 004671.xls 004671.pdf
NOD.Cd28 knockout 004761.xls 004761.pdf
NOD.Sell, Itgb7 Knockout 004943.xls 004943.pdf
NOD.Itgb7 Knockout 004944.xls 004944.pdf
NOD.Casp1 Knockout 004947.xls 004947.pdf
NOD.Ins1 Knockout 005035.xls 005035.pdf
NOD.Ins2 Knockout 005036.xls 005036.pdf
NOD.Il1r1 Knockout 005078.xls 005078.pdf
NOD.Ica1 Knockout 005080.xls 005080.pdf
NOD.Cd80, Cd86, Rag1 Knockout 005273.xls 005273.pdf
NOD.Cd38 Knockout 005345.xls 005345.pdf
NOD.129-Ins2 control 005353 pdf
NOD.B2m, C2ta 005356.xls 005356.pdf
NOD.Cd8a Knockout 005513.xls 005513.pdf

NOD.Tg(Ins2), Ins1, Ins2 Knockout

(low expressing transgene)

005524.xls 005524.pdf

NOD.Tg(Ins2), Ins1, Ins2 Knockout

(high expressing transgene)

005525.xls 005525.pdf
NOD.Icam1 Knockout (original) 005983.xls 005983.pdf
NOD.DQ8, Ab0 006021.xls 006021.pdf
NOD.DQ6, Ab0 006023.xls 006023.pdf
NOD.DQ6, Ab0, Rag1 006024.xls 006024.pdf
B6.B2R KO, Akita


FVB-Ins2Akita 006867.pdf
DBA/2-Ins2Akita 007562.pdf
NOD.Ctsb -/- 008051.pdf
NOD.Cg-MIP-GFP 008173.pdf
NOD.Cstl -/- 008352.pdf
NOD.Foxp3-EGFP/cre 008694.pdf
NOD.H2-Ab1 -/- 010966.pdf


List of Stocks with completed Chromosome of Interest and Idd sweep analysis

Common Name

Stock No.

pdf or Jpg File

B6.NOD Idd1


B6.NOD Idd1,4


B6.NOD Idd1,5


B6.NOD Idd1,6


B6.NOD Idd1,3,10


B6.NOD Idd3,17/10


B6.NOD Idd4


B6.NOD Idd5 (c1c line)


B6.NOD Idd5 (c1t line 2)    


B6.NOD Idd5 (c1t line 3)


B6.NOD Idd6


B6.NOD Idd13






NOD.Itgb7, Sell KO 4943.jpg
NOD.Itgb7 KO 4944.jpg
NOD.IL1r1 KO 5078.jpg
NOD.Idd4A 5311.jpg
NOD.Idd4B 5312.jpg
NOD.Idd4C 5313.jpg
NOD.RIP-HA (Tg) 5685.jpg
NOD.RIP-BCL (Tg) 6154.jpg
NOD.HLA-A2.1 5512.jpg
NOD.NOR-Chr.2 2346.jpg
NOD.NOR-Chr.2 3050.jpg
NOD.NOR-Chr.2 3051.jpg
NOD.NOR-CHR.1 5511.jpg
NOD.ABH-Chr18 5073.jpg
NOD.NOR-Chr.4 5510.jpg
B6.NOD-Chr1 and 17 3069.jpg
NOD.CBALS - Hc1 4306.jpg
NOD.Icam1 (original) 5983.jpg
NOD.Ab0, DQ8 6021.jpg
NOD.B6-Gp1 3585.jpg
NOD.BALB-CD45 5616.jpg
CBcNO7A 3052 (CBcNO7 series)
CBcNO7B 3053 (CBcNO7 series)
CBcNO7C 3054 (CBcNO7 series)
CBcNO7D 3055 (CBcNO7 series)
NOD.NOR-Chr. 1 2347 (pdf)
NOD-Leprdb-5J 4939 (pdf)
NOD.129 - Ins1 control 5352 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(Ins2*Y16A) lineB 5522 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(Ins2*Y16A) lineF 5523 (pdf)
NOD.DQ8, Ab0-/-, Rag1-/- 6022 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(Ins2-Cxcl13)1Cys 6154 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(Tcra BDC12-4.1) 6303 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(Tcrb BDC12-4.1) 6304 (pdf)
NOD.Cd1d -/- 6330 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(IgHEL) 6345 (pdf)
NOD.Icam1 -/- 5983 v 6351 (PDF)
NOD.Aire +/- 6360 (pdf)
NOD.HHD 6604 (pdf)
NOD.scid HHD 6605 (pdf)
NOD.IgHEL IgH-/- 6608 (pdf)
NOD.sHEL 6610 (pdf)
NOD.Il4 knockin (NOD.4GET) 6698 (pdf)
NOD. Foxp3sf (scurffy) 6775 (pdf)
NOD.Tg(GFAP-Cd80) 6778 (pdf)
NOD.Vdr 6956.pdf
NOD.B7-1B Tg 7769 (pdf)
NOD.SwR/J-Idd3 7930 (pdf)
NOD.A/J-Idd3 7931 (pdf)
NOD.CAST-Idd3 7932 (pdf)
NOD.CZECH-Idd3 7933(pdf)
NOD.B6-Idd3 7934 (pdf)
NOD.Lc11 (DR3) 8053 (pdf)
NOD.Lc11a (DR3a) 8054 (pdf)
NOD.Lc11b 008055.pdf
NOD.Lc11e (DR3e) 8056 (pdf)
NOD.Lc11f (DR3f) 8057 (pdf)
NOD.Lc11g 008058.pdf
NOD.Lc11i (DR3i) 8059 (pdf)
NOD.Lc11j (DR3j) 8060 (pdf)
NOD.Lc7 8061 (pdf)
NOD.Zc1 8062 (pdf)
NOd.Zc17 8063 (pdf)
NOD.Zc4 8064 (pdf)
NOD.Zc4c 8065 (pdf)
NOD-Ctss -/- 008524.pdf
NOD.Tg(GFAP-B2m), B2m-/- 008542.pdf
NOD.CD11b-DTR 8547 (pdf)
NOD.CD11c-DTR 8549 (pdf)
NOD.B10-Idd5, line 1092 008893.pdf
NOD.B10-Idd5, line 974 008894.pdf

If you have problems downloading this information, please contact the T1DR Project Manager.


Last Modified: February 05, 2010